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From UFOs Land to Ghosts Land

  You may heard before about aliens and UFOs , and you may asked yourself are they real? is there any real proof about being there any UFOs visited our planet before? The bad news is I don’t know if UFOs are real, however if you ask yourself what is…


Will Mobile-Geddon really harm your business?

Google is always¬†working to provide its users the best results that will make them more satisfied, and this one of the biggest reasons of its success. So what about your business? businesses without online presence won’t be able to grow, and online presence without mobile accessibility will let you lose…

The Cherry Share Meter

The Cherry Share, launched a new beta feature, that will make a revolution in the way of validating a food product or food related content

“The Cherry Share Meter” Backed with a tremendous amount of data, the Cherry Share Meter represents how good a post and / or a product for the user. The Cherry Share Platform takes many things into consideration, including daily views, orders, Lving and sharing, comments and engagement, product price, other…


Service for Next-Generation Online Buyers!

Dear friends, we are opening a new modern service for everyone who buys goods and services online, who wants to be a smart and forward-minded buyer without overpaying!   The main point about this service is rather clear – this is the service…



While the MENA region still falls behind the level and sophistication of entrepreneurial activity in the developed world, recent years have seen important milestones in the development of this sector. One of the most important milestones was the establishment of Oasis500 in 2010 in Amman, with backing from King Abdullah…


Innovation Magazine on “Collaboration”

“Every team member is a knowledge worker in the information age. Everybody has something to contribute in making decisions and improving processes, product and services.” – Evan Rosen (Author and Collaboration Expert) So true in this day and age. Everyone…



Mobile commerce has grown with exceptional demand in last few months; the year 2013 has shown a fast and rapid acceleration towards the trend of “Online Shopping”. According to Nielsen Global Online survey, about 85 % of the internet users are moving…

Get connected to the foodie world

The next generation social media platform released its first smart APP

  Social media taking a huge part of the next generation with the interesting facts: More than 57% of social media shares are related to food. Google launched a search category only for food. Pinterest launched a recipe search and started with recipes among all other categories. On average 13%…


Download free Corporate Flat Responsive web template

Flat Tool a Corporate Flat Responsive web template Flat Tool is a clean, flat and professional corporate Template for agencies and creative studios. It can be customized easily to suit your wishes


6 Tips to Make Better Short-Form Videos for Vine and Instagram

Short videos are quite popular these days thanks to Instagram and Vine . Both platforms have made this form an important resource and great engagement tool in the hands of bloggers and marketers – with a maximum length of six seconds on Vine and fifteen…